The story of my photography


I got my first camera when I was twelve years old. It was a Werra and my father got it for me from Germany. I believe it is the sole item I have ever loved. Through this camera a passion was born. Since then I have always enjoyed having a camera in my hand. You may ask why? It’s quite simple really – my mind becomes more sensitive, I take on the world with a different view and I get the feeling I can seal a small piece of time, which will not happen again.

Throughout the years, not sure when, I became fascinated by people’s emotions and especially by how these were transmitted through their eyes. Naturally, my photography took a turn towards the faces and eyes of the people. I love photographing people on the street, doing their daily routines with innate spontaneity and easy that makes me feel alive and integral part of it all.

My passion drives me to travel, to set foot on unknown lands and sail unknown seas, meet new people and perceive new ideas. It keeps me curious and constantly seeking for more. I do not judge, praise, support or discard anything I merely attempt to show the world as I see it.

The underwater photography is my latest obssesion where I dedicate a lot of energy. The depths of oceans and seas are some the last places on Earth, where we can see the world the way Mother Nature intended it to be. I love experiencing the weightlessness diving gives you, contemplating and admiring the perfect harmony of the underwater world, the calm and tranquility of its habitat.